Living   in   a   small   village   in   the   country   side   of Belgium,   Wim   De   Hertogh   (°1989)   has   always admired   the   nature   that   surrounded   him.   When outside,      he      was      constantly      looking      for mammals   or   birds   he   had   not   seen   before.   A passion was born. After   a   while,   he   could   share   his   passion   with his   life   partner   Jessie   Vriens   (°1991)   who   was not   familiar   with   living   in   the   country   side   and all   the   animals   around   it.   They   started   to   go   on adventure   together,   exploring   the   world   with   his beautiful nature. In    2012,    Wim    took    his    first    photograph    and found   a   way   to   share   his   passion   for   nature with   others.   Not   much   later,   Jessie   adopted   the passion    to    create    inspiring    images    and    got herself into photography as well. Since   then,   Jessie   and   Wim   are   always   “on   the hunt”   to   capture   the   most   important   thing   in life:   our   stunning   Nature   and   Wildlife   whether   in Belgium   or   abroad.   Capturing   moments   where emotion, purity and color are our guides.
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